Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fail as a Reviewer

Now! I've failed and have not posted for some while... Alas, it is because of my last 2 posts. Hey Monday, Tobymac and 3OH!3! :D They did what I needed them to do, they brought back a dead soundtrack and for that I am ever so grateful. Sooo... in the spirit of reviewing! I will now switch to Games! as in Video Games, console games. Now, I am no Yahtzee (Zero Punctuation, if you've heard of him. if not and you're a gamer, WATCH IT... it is priceless!), but I feel I can review a game just as well as him. AND I'm slightly less bias, slightly... I am also not a fan of Nintendo, unless it's a gameboy color game... (and yes! I do still own mine :D) soon I will post a review on a game. :) so have fun gaming my fellow nerds!!

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