Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fallout: New Vegas

Yes people.... it is time for a game review! :D
Now, I got this game on Christmas and not 2 weeks later, does my Xbox commit suicide... :'( lets have a moment of silence for the passing of a spectacular console..... NOW! I got a different Xbox, sure it's not like my old one, which I miss dearly, it's still a console and thus works my games. Though I noticed that New Vegas was far more jumpy than it was before, i let it slide, granted, this Xbox is supposed to be considered new, so I can't run it like the one I had for 3-4 years, so I had to be careful. Well.... after 2 days of about ten hour playing, I beat the game... *blinks* Now, this game was as short as Fallout 3, but in many ways I enjoyed it more. I felt like I was ACTUALLY treated like a woman in that game, which is something Fallout 3 can't say. Now to talk about something that is very important to me in a game, storyline and immersion. Sure New Vegas was a lot like Fallout 3, buuuut I'm not complaining, #3 was pretty damn awesome. But something New Vegas did that #3 didn't, was the immersion level. The storyline was thick with so many twists and turns and decisions that the player can make, that made this game into my own. I have watched someone do a lets play on this game, and needless to say, I had a very different storyline than him. And that's what amazing about this, you can play to your strengths in this game, like I'm really good with melee combat, but I was able to get a companion who was an AMAZING shot (this only made the game so much more fun and scary whenever the game would suddenly slow because my companion had performed a critical kill on a beastie.)
When I finished the game, I felt like I had made so many wrong choices, my amazing Companion left me because I was fighting against his old regime, which SUCKS, because there's nothing I could do to make it work with him :( So now, well, not right now, but probably tomorrow or this weekend, I'll start playing again and see what I can do about making sure I can keep him, because we had honestly been through thick and thin together, buuuut, that didn't stop him from leaving me to DIE at the hands of the Legion, nope nope nope. Love you too Boone, love you too :(. But my cyberpuppy, Rex, was with me until the end :D Which I got him from The King. but all in all, this game is fantastic, if you loved Fallout 3, you'll love this installment, I honestly can't wait to see what happens next :D Thank You Bethseda and Obsidian for such amazing games :D I also can't wait for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim! :D :D :D :D :D arrrrg!!! Yeh Bethseda!!!!! :D
Now for the things I didn't like as much... It might be because I'm a girl and was spoiled by Dragon Age: Origins, buuuut I'd like to see some romance options Obsidian! I mean suuure, I can have sex with people (and managed to kill the guy who wanted to kill me at the beginning of the game, which I might say was pretty awesome of me for killing him AFTER intercourse.) but, I want a freaking relationship, I wanted freaking Boone soooo bad, after he joined my cause I kept going to conversation mode, buuut of course! nothing! :( Also, I wish that when making SMALL choices, it didn't affect so much, like dropping me one whole slot for some group, which really bit me in the ass at the end of the game. And as for getting INTO New Vegas *eyes roll* arg that was a ridiculous task! I don't think I've fast traveled THAT much in a game before, absolutely ridiculous I say! Why couldn't I just charm the shit out of the securitrons? I had a TEN charisma and my speech was at 85, yeesh! And the perks, there were so many to choose from, but I didn't choose many... I kept using intense training, because for me in the long run, it worked the best... and Black Widow of course ;)
But honestly, this game was amazing and addicting! :D absolutely a high chance of replay later on. Perhaps after I play through Fable 3 again or Fallout 3. Keep gaming people! :D

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Now, this is not a review, but more of a rant. And i've obviously been pretty bad about posting, I guess life's just got hectic and a little depressing. Though it's no excuse, I'm sticking by it! anyway, on to annoyances.
Now, what really gets me upset, is the fact that people, for some ridiculous reason, have started to think that if I don't agree with their opinion, I am wrong and need to be taught a lesson...-.- what happened to being able to have my own opinion? Isn't the point of having an opinion is that it IS AN OPINION and other people should just freaking respect it! Buuut noooooo of course not. lets just rip people to shreds for having an effing mind of their own. So for all of you nonconformers, just conform orr you're going to get your ass handed to you. And yet my friends still dont understand why I refuse to join in a debate. what's the point of a debate if no one takes your opinion seriously? Yeah, so what if I'm "wrong"? Isn't that the glory of an opinion? YOU CAN'T BE WRONG! If I was saying "well the facts lead to..." then yes, if I am wrong, show me and explain as to WHY I am wrong. But if I say, "Well, I think..." then shut the fuck up and listen to my opinion, if you don't agree with it, at least say you respect it and give me reasons why you don't agree, instead of literally shoving your opinion in my face. Because believe it or not! We're all different! O.O no way! You say. I know! There's some weird thinking right there, but it is the truth. And that's the beauty of the human mind, no matter how similar your life can be to another's, it'll never be the same, because the human mind always does things differently, depending on the person.
In example! Lets take me and a friend of mine, I'm not posting names for safety reasons. So this friend and I, we LOVE video games, we LOVE music, we LOVE technology. BUUUT. Here's the switch! He loves games for gameplay and I love them for the story. He loves music and can compose beautiful songs, I love music and I make stories from what the songs show me in my head. He loves technology and absolutely loves PC and Android and Microsoft, they can do no wrong. While I love Mac, while yes it is WAY EXPENSIVE, it's sturdy and it works for me and what I want to do with my life. <---- This (that which is blue) is the problem. You see, HEAVEN FORBID that I like Mac. I love my iPod and I love macbooks (ask my other friends, I like to steal their laptops all the time so I can play around on them heehee!) So when I say that I like Mac, I get attacked and told I am wrong. I should not support that company and Steve Jobs. Okay.... well.... I'm not a huge fan at how expensive it is, buuuut I have never had an issue with my iPod that I didn't cause to happen. So tell me this, am I wrong to like Apple because it's been good to me and for some reason that some people can't work them? It's not my fault you have issues with Apple, so leave me the hell alone and stop telling me that I'm stupid for liking Apple.

ALSO game consoles. >:o I have never been so angry then when I'm told the 360 sucks and that I shouldn't get a new one. I'm not just going to sell all my 360 stuff and buy a wii.... I don't like what wii has to offer.... it doesn't cater to everyone, yet it does. I guess i'm not a part of everyone because honestly, i've never been more annoyed with a console than a wii. Then someone else tells me, get a PS3.... *looks around for a moment* a PS3? Are you kidding me? I don't have that kind of money.... even if I did, I wouldn't buy that ugly p.o.s. and it's not even backwards compatible. to me, most of the good games are the old ones, so what's the point of getting a ps3 if it doesn't even play ps2 games AND I have a working ps2? at least with the 360, it has games that I want and it hasn't failed me until now. all of a sudden it died. but I've had my friend's brand new ps3 crash on me so many effing times that honestly, all I want to do is punt the damn thing. so out of my past experiences the 360 has worked better for me, but for my friend, his ps3 is better for him, good for him he has his console and I have mine. So leave me alone and let me spend time with my xbox. if you don't like it, then deal with it. that's your opinion. mine is that other than the ps2, the xbox 360 is the best console i've ever had and that apple has treated me far better than the microsoft (not including xbox ( that's in a different league of its own))things I have. Maybe I'm jsut not using my microsoft things properly, but for some reason Apple makes more sense to me. but that might just be me. oh well. to each their own right?

anyway! now that i'm done with my rant and have gotten it all out, i'll let it go with we're all different. lets respect each other a little more, please? Thank You.