Wednesday, June 23, 2010

30 Seconds to Mars

I suppose I shall start my reviews now, since I honestly have nothing else better to do. So I begin with 30 Seconds to Mars. A band well known for it's very strange lead singer, Jared Leto, whom my sister is completely infatuated with. My first taste of 30 Seconds to Mars was The Kill. A brilliant song that I have always liked. And sad to say, only one other song has caught my ears since then. Kings and Queens, and the only reason I like it is the chorus part. Of course my sister was devestated when I told her her favorite band, to me at least, wasn't that good. Yet, I gave the band one more try and listened to, by request of my sister, Night of the Hunter. Personally, I don't want to listen about wombs and ripping people apart. The music itself was well done, but the lyrics to me didn't match the song. It reminded me distinctly of a Predalien. As much as I love a Predalien, I don't want to hear a song about one. So out 5 stars, I sadly say they get 2. one for each song I actually like. Maybe in the years to come I'll find their songs more appealing, but so far, I highly doubt it. So as for the first band, it does sadden me to say, they have not helped me restart my dead soundtrack. I'll post again probably before I leave about another band. So again, until then Happy Music Hunting!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


For once my life soundtrack has fallen silent. I can't seem to find the song that represents how I feel right now. I don't know many songs about being confined, unwanted, feeling like a burden. Not even watching Grease could bring my soundtrack back from the silent grave. Nothing seems good to listen to, not even Basshunter or New Found Glory could revive it. So here I sit, my lifeless soundtrack in my lap. Maybe I need a new band, a new song for the newness I have weighing upon me. Something needs to restart my silent soundtrack. My love of music has begun to twindle, I pray for help. Because I desprately need some guidance in this. But alas I must find my own band, restart my dead soundtrack, I must do this by myself. One must find oneself, so I must get my soundtrack playing again. So for the weeks after I get back from my trip (AHHHH YAAAY KATIE!!!!!) I'll keep posting if I find that band, whether it's underground or a well known band and I'll review the bands the catch my eye. Until I find the one, the one that brings it all back for me. So until then. Happy Music Hunting!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pursuit Of Happiness

No one can understand what it means for someone to be on the pursuit of happiness, because everyone's different. Mine begins with a night of talking to my best friend and followed with a few hours of talking with my favorite guy. I always knew I'd need him at some point and for the past month or so he's gone above and beyond the call of duty. And here I say, I am sorry girls, but this guy is a rarity to man kind. I don't know many straight men who actually gives a fuck and then proceeds to talk with you about his own troubles and thoughts. I know, is he honestly straight? And I tell you, yes, he is very much straight. But he has a big heart and gentle soul. Anything he says I take at face value, because how he put it, him talking is like a UFO sighting at the vatican. And yet for some reason he's chosen me to be the one to confide in. I don't question it because I love it. My pursuit of happiness is making sure my friends are happy. If they're happy I'm happy. Talking with him and my best friend makes me happy. So when I am on my Pursuit of Happiness, I listen and watch in awe as I see a young man unfold his brain to me. Every time I speak with him, my breath is always taken away because of the vastness and brilliance hiding behind his bright blue eyes.
There is a reason I do not wish to disclose any names, for I do not want anyone to be swarmed. To shatter the confidence between me and him is a horrible, an unthinkable thing. And also because, in an entirely selfish way, I want to keep him to myself. Those of you who know me, should know who I am talking about, but again, he could still be a mystery to you. As he is a mystery to me. A man who acts more mature and thoughtful then most of the guys my age. In almost every way he is my perfect guy, which scares me honestly. How could this guy be so perfect in my eyes? Maybe I'm just seeing a mask, someone he wants me to see. But, I feel we have an understanding between us. Our nightly come clean ritual is a time for us to vent, let it out. Feeling like a burden, wanting to disappear, starting over. His theory of relativity, and his fuck it theory. These are theories that took him years to come up with then he disclosed them to me and helped me see what I needed to see. My life is in my own hands. What happens happens. And if people dislike what I've got to say, well then is it really worth it? Because, again like he said, I don't want to look at the world as all these people who choose to have nothing to do with me, but as a select few who can't live without me. So I do need to thank him, my self esteem is at the highest its been in years. Though still not as high as I would like, but it's better. And him and my best friend are the ones that bring me back from the brink, every time. So, after this mass of ramballing, I have one question to ask, what is your pursuit of happiness? A good book? music? a long talk at the dead of night? whatever it is. Don't let it go. Follow it, pursue it, if you will lol. I now know mine and how to do it. Make yourself happy. Don't let someone else's happiness come at the stake of your own. Be you. No more masks, fakeness is no longer permitted. If you're fake, I'll let loose my gangster guy on your ass. You have been warned. lol Seriously, leave me a comment letting me know what your Pursuit Of Happiness is. Everyone has one. It's time to embrace it.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Music: The Meaning of

Music, what does it mean to be a music fanatic?
Some people like music. Some despise it. But there's a select few out there who are fanatics. Yeah, the people who live, breathe, eat, even crap music. (though the last is obviously unwelcome and rather disgusting) And I happen to be one of those so called fanatics. The kind that plays a video game or watches a movie eight hundred effing times just to listen to the soundtrack, when i could just get the soundtrack (illegally or legally, i shall never tell lol) and listen to it whenever i dang well please. But, of course I make myself watch the dang movie or play the game to listen to it. Take Elder Scrolls V: Oblivion for instance, it has hands one of the best video game soundtracks known to man, but people would rather play a ridiculous rap song, because it's simple, easier to comprehend. If I told some random person to sing Movement III of Second Suite by Gustav Holst, I've got 300 bucks in my checking account that says they'll just look at me with wide eyes and walk away. (of course, who wouldn't? A random crazy person shouting for them to sing a sing they've never heard of and probably never will actually hear in their lives, that would invoke a look of wide eyes and terror and to leave the area as fast as humanly possible.)
But that's not the point, the point is, people are losing their love for the classical arts, such as symphonic band music or phillharmonic. It saddens a music fanatic such as I that people no longer carry the same love I have for the classics of classics or even those rock classics. For I am only human and I do love a good rock song on my way to and from work. Such as St. Elmo's Fire by John Parr, a song the described a generation in the eighties. Or even Turn Back Time by Cher (I believe Katie will understand why I put that particular song on here :))
But alas the main reason I consider myself (as it is a self-given title) a music fanatic is because whenever I listen to a song I see a story unfold in front of me. A rough and rocking Skillet or Wavorly song invokes a fight scene, dripping with blood and remains of the vanquished. Or a softer, sadder melody like My Immortal shows me a scene of still body and someone crying over them. Perhaps I am insane and should go to a doctor. But I like to look at music as my inspiration, it's the meaning of my life as it is. If I could I'd go through life with at least my right ear plugged with an earphone connected to my iPod, so I can be given my daily dose of music.
I live, breathe, eat, drink, and yes, even crap music. It's the best way for me to tell my story. Look at your music device (be it an iPod or Zune or some other mp3 player, or even you retro people with their cd and cassette players), and think of all those times you've sat deep in thought and all you could hear was the pounding of Back in Black or Seven Deadly Sins and how those songs were who you were at that moment. I don't play music to say I love a song because it's cool. I play music because in some way it orchestrates my life. If I'm sad, you can bet I'll be listening to emo music, if I'm hyper, a hard rock song with a kick ass riff and a killer bassline. Or even a beautiful classic such as Requiem For a Dream. Music=life as best put by a friend of mine, without it, I don't know what my life would be like, dull and drab I would assume. But with it, my life is full of rich textures that only music lovers or fanatics could understand. So the next time you ask what the meaning of music really is, it's a reason. A reason for living. My reason I drag my ass out of bed to go to work. I get to listen to my music on my way to work. This is my reason for life beyond my best friend and family. Music is my life and my blog is about my life, so I would say it's safe to assume it will be mostly about music. All kinds. Just Music. Just me.