Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fable III

Tis been a long time, I know. But honestly, I've not finished a game since Fallout: New Vegas. I've been pretty busy trying to get my life together. BUT! Now that I'm piecing it together, I've had more time for video gaming :D Which means, this review is on Fable III, which was released October 26th of 2010. Unfortunately, due to a lack of funds, I was unable to play it until after Christmas, even then I had several games I wanted to play before I got to it.
BUT I should've played this game sooner, because it was GREAT!! I was hooked from second one to the last one. in my first game, I played as the princess, since I am a girl... And it's a roller-coaster story about how your older brother, King Logan, is turning poor Albion, up-side-down. For those of you who are unaware of what happens in Fable and Fable II, I'll give you a quick summary. In Fable, you're a young boy when bandits come and viciously murder your family. Then you're taken to the home of the Heroes. Where you are trained to wield a sword, magic and bow. then you go about Albion in revenge of what happened to your family. That's pretty much it. Then in Fable II 200 years pass, so, needless to say, a lot of things have changed from the Fable you knew and loved. Now, instead of bows, you get crossbows and guns. now, this begins with your being a poor orphan child that scrounges the streets of Bowerstone with your older sister. Apparently, you have both been dreaming of living in the castle, so when you get the chance to make a wish, that's what your sister wishes for. As for me, I was wishing more for something a little more practical, like food and a real shelter. A castle would be nice, but the likelihood would be slim, right? WRONG. that night, you get woken up and escorted to the castle. Where you meet Lucien, you stand on this stone thing and it lights up. Meaning you and your sister have blood of the heroes running in your veins. which is now a bad thing, because Lucien shoots and kills your sister. THEN shoots you, buuut instead of falling to the ground like your sister, you FLY through a window and fall several stories to land in a heap on the cold pavement. But, you're not dead, Theresa, the hero from Fable's older sister saves you. Thus you begin your journey of becoming a hero, getting the Heroes of Strength, Skill and Will, and bringing down Lucien before he can destroy the world.
NOW, back to Fable III, now that you've got the gist of what happens before, you should be able to understand what happens in Fable III. Now, as I said, I'm the sister to the current King of Albion. You wake up to your butler complaining about how lazy you are. Then you get up, pick out an outfit and go visit your "friend" depending on the gender you choose, it'll be the opposite. For girls, it's a strapping young man named Elliot. I fell head over freaking heels in love with him the moment I saw him.... O.O So as the day goes by, you make choices on what you think about your brother, now, since this is a choice based game, everything you do has an impact. At a point, you must decide who to kill, Elliot or mob leaders. I won't say what I chose, but it took me awhile to actually choose. But that night, you're taken from the castle by a family friend and your butler, then you become a hero, just like your father (whom was the hero from Fable II, if you played as female, shhhh you got a gender change and had two children with some random chick, DON'T ASK QUESTIONS!! O.O) anyway... you're now a hero, you weave spells, crush skulls and put bullets in place people shouldn't talk about. Now, what i LOVED about this game, Spell Weaving! O.O I DO NOT play mages, but, i went out of my way to be one in this game because of the spell weaving. One part lightning, one part vortex. Shit's about to go DOWN. :D So as you go through the game, getting people to back you to over throw your brother, you become stronger and stronger and become a hero even more powerful than your father. It's a wonderful story, full of twists, turns, love and loss. By the end of the game, I was crying.
What I loved, spell weaving, VOICE ACTING, Elliot :D, wonderful storyline, creative and well done new menu system.
What I hated, when you go to fight Logan, you can't kill him! Unless you want to go into a war without troops :( ALSO, it's IMPOSSIBLE to get the money to save everyone if you're nice.... EFFFFFFFFF.... which sucks for me, because I always love to play the good people, but on my second go around, I had to play the semi bad person, just so I could save people. AND I freaking hate guns... they're cheap...
All in all, I loved this game. It took me a weekend to play through it. I giggled, cried and ranted my way through it. It's a fantastic game and I look forward to Fable IV, since the Kinect is out now and Lionhead has talked about making Fable IV motion controlled :D :D
But, I must now go enjoy cookies my mother is forcing me to eat (honestly, my roommate and I are to freaking excited right now for these cookies :D) so to my fellow gamers! Play on, and Power to the Gamers! :D