Tuesday, June 22, 2010


For once my life soundtrack has fallen silent. I can't seem to find the song that represents how I feel right now. I don't know many songs about being confined, unwanted, feeling like a burden. Not even watching Grease could bring my soundtrack back from the silent grave. Nothing seems good to listen to, not even Basshunter or New Found Glory could revive it. So here I sit, my lifeless soundtrack in my lap. Maybe I need a new band, a new song for the newness I have weighing upon me. Something needs to restart my silent soundtrack. My love of music has begun to twindle, I pray for help. Because I desprately need some guidance in this. But alas I must find my own band, restart my dead soundtrack, I must do this by myself. One must find oneself, so I must get my soundtrack playing again. So for the weeks after I get back from my trip (AHHHH YAAAY KATIE!!!!!) I'll keep posting if I find that band, whether it's underground or a well known band and I'll review the bands the catch my eye. Until I find the one, the one that brings it all back for me. So until then. Happy Music Hunting!

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