Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hey Monday!

I know it's been while since I reviewed on a band. So I'll do Hey Monday today. I saw them on a commerical while I was waiting to see Sorcerer's Apprentice. The song I heard was How You Love Me Now, needless to say I was instantly intriqued. Though Cassadee Pope does have a distinct similar feel that Hayley Williams from Paramore has. The power house vocals, awesome rocker hair and of course a sense of spunk and energy that makes you just want to get up and move. Yet as much as one does love Hayley Williams for her remarkable musicianship I feel a closer draw to Cassadee, and no, not because of her name since my name is Cassandra (Cassie), that's not even fair to Hayley.
Now back to Hey Monday. For the past week I had been trying to get a taste of their music then finally today I had the chance. And needless to say, I LOVE Hey Monday. They're a little softer than what I normally listen to, but I love it nonetheless. How You Love Me Now and Homecoming are quickly soaring to become some of my favorite songs, even Candles is quickly winning me over. And amazing as it is, they've started bringing my soundtrack back. Other than 3OH!3, I could rarely be seen dancing in my car, until now. I suggest listening to this group if you have not yet, and especially if you're a fan of Paramore. Though everyone says that Hey Monday is just like Paramore, I do have to say that other than the leading ladies being quite similar, the bands are not. Hey Monday is a pop/rock band while Paramore is much more a punk rock/ rock band.
Now granted I'm a couple years behind finding Hey Monday, but I'm very happy I did. I'm anxious to hear more from them and I look forward to the many repetitions I'm about to do with their CD Hold On Tight.
Now for the stars, I give them 4 outta 5. Only because some of the songs aren't quite as good as the others, but that's it. I really like the feel of Hey Monday and I love seeing strong female vocals out there with all the boy bands. I give them a good two thumbs up and a strong suggestion to check them out if you have not! Well, that's all for this week! Happy Music Hunting!

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