Saturday, July 10, 2010

TobyMac and 3OH!3

TobyMac. A christian rap/rock artist. I can't express how much this man has changed my outlook on so many things. He's a brilliant artist and I can't even BEGIN to review his newest CD Tonight. Every song takes my breath away and invokes so many emotions. Take Funky Jesus Music, a great song that makes me want to dance. Then on the other end of the spectrum there's City On Our Knees, which (without fail I might add) makes me cry.
There's just something about what TobyMac sings about that makes my heart and soul rejoice. All I have to say is Toby is by far one of my favorite artists and I hope and pray he continues to sing to the masses, because everyone knows we need better influences out there. In short, I give TobyMac a full 5 stars. I love knowing there's a great artist out there who loves to sing for God and his fans and doesn't do it for the money. And we all know that is a rarity to mankind. So I say, give TobyMac a round of applause for his brilliance.

And now for 3OH!3! A band that a friend had me listen to before my German 2 class one day my senior year. Don't Trust Me was my first experience with Sean and Nat. I remember listening to it secretatively as the morning announcements played in the background and realizing, not all rap really is that bad. (Granted, TobyMac doesn't count in this, he plays in a different ball game). Then I begged for her to burn me the cds and vulah! A new addiction! I danced and sang whenever I listened to Want or 3OH!3. Then I saw them live and it blew my mind how crazy and spazzy these boys could be! Sure I wasn't a huge fan of all the cussing and talking about sex, but the beats had me hooked every second of every song. THEN Streets of Gold came out and then you see their maturity.
We Are Young and Deja Vu are my personal favorites at this time, perhaps this will change with more repetitions of the cd. But as it goes, I love the lack of cussing and the fact that Nat and Sean are using their singing voices more and more instead of the talk/sing voices they had going on in their earlier albums. But All in all, I love these guys. They're hilarious on stage and they blend slow and fast songs together on albums that helps you see into their minds. Now as for their stars, Streets of Gold gets a solid 4 and a 1/2 stars while the older albums both get 4s. I love listening to these guys and can't wait to see more from them. If they ever mosey on over to my city again I'll most definitely be there to sing and dance again.

All in all Toby and the boys of 3OH!3 are my musical heroes. They inspire me in ways they probably don't even realize. I can't wait to hear more of their amazingness and I can only hope it'll just get better and better, setting the bar high for all the other bands out there. I've not heard of many bands that get me moving like these two do. So in closing, I just want to say, TobyMac and 3OH!3 will forever be on top of my list of favorite bands. Also, I'll hopefully be posting on another band or two within the next week. Until then, Happy Music Hunting!

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